Take Care with Roof Repairs

AA-AIR Company Roof Vent Pipe

Critical reminder for anyone who had roof repairs done this summer or presently has a roof with a tarp for temporary protection. If you have any type of fossil fuel (gas, oil, propane) appliance in the home that could have an exhaust vent through the roof, please have your appliance checked to see that the termination is intact, clear of obstruction and has not been “molested” by roofing repairs. The attached picture shows a furnace exhaust that we call two pipe. It has intake and exhaust in one termination. This termination cap has been cut and the intake has been taped over, starving the furnace for air. This nice homeowner has no heat and has potential damage to the furnace inducer.

Our in-depth heating maintenance is on sale right now with a coupon in the newsletter on our website. We will inspect terminations for other appliances while at your home or business.

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