Why is my Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Frozen Ice

A freeze up during cooling season is when a layer of ice forms on the inside coil of your AC unit. Sometimes it can freeze all the way along the refrigerant lines to the outdoor unit. The ice buildup on your AC unit creates an inability to cool effectively. It also puts stress on the compressor, which in time can lead to a costly repair or the need for a replacement compressor.

There are several reasons for this. The service technicians at AA-Air Company would like to talk our Knoxville Tennessee customers through a few.

Insufficient Air Flow
Anything that restricts the air flow in your unit will cause the system’s evaporator coil to freeze up. There are a few reasons that air may not be flowing efficiently. The most common problem is a dirty air filter. If you are running your AC unit continuously, we recommend replacing or cleaning the air filter once a month. Other air flow problems include blocked or closed ducts and vents, a faulty fan and/or dirt on the evaporator coils. Evaporator coils sometimes need cleaning. We recommend that evaporator coils be inspected for dirt accumulation at least once a year.

Low on Freon
Another thing that causes and AC freeze up is low refrigerant or Freon. This causes a drop in pressure in the evaporator coil which then allows moisture in the air to accumulate and freeze on the coil. Low refrigerant or coolant is caused by a leak. If you think the cause of your freeze up is a low refrigerant you need to contact AA Air Co. and one of our certified technicians will assist in the repair. This includes finding and repairing the leak and refilling your refrigerant levels.

Outdoor Temperature
Home air conditioners are designed to run in a specific temperature range. Most of them will not run well below 60 degrees F. Often a freeze up occurs because night-time temperatures are dropping too low for the unit to function properly. When the air is too cool the pressure inside the system will drop and will cause a freeze up.

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