Winter Heating Unit Giveaway!

AA-AIR Company Giveaway

Congratulations to Suzanne M. in Fountain City.

She has won our “Warming Up The Neighborhood” heating unit giveaway. Suzanne’s gas furnace had served her well for many years. Unfortunately this old and loyal servant was just worn out and could not continue another winter without some expensive (and not recommended) repairs. Recent times have been tough for Suzanne with surgeries, a car wreck and a need for additional expensive medical treatments. The funds for a new furnace were practically impossible to find. She had a small electric heater but not much else to heat her home.

It was looking to be a loooooong cold winter.

A few elves, also known as super efficient and highly capable installation technicians, from AA-AIR Company, came by to visit Suzanne and deliver an early Christmas present. These elves didn’t come down the chimney like Santa. They came in through the basement door. In a twinkling, the old, inoperable heating unit was gone and a new and efficient gas furnace was in it’s place. While there, they noticed a problem with a poorly sealed whole house fan in the hallway. The elves sealed this opening before leaving, making Suzanne’s home a bit more efficient too.

Warm holiday wishes to Suzanne from all of us at AA-AIR Company.

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