American Standard Whole Home Dehumidifier

American Standard Whole Home Dehumidifier.

Increased Home Comfort

Deliver whole-house dehumidification or ventilation coupled with superior MERV 13 filtration. Use as a stand-alone unit or simply connect to your existing ductwork to use with your HVAC system fan.

Smart Comfort Integration

Connect the Whole Home Dehumidifier with Optional Ventilation to your American Standard Home-enabled smart thermostat and control your dehumidifier from virtually anywhere with a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Flexible Installation in Tight Spaces

The small footprint design of this system allows for flexible installation in areas like attics, basements, crawl spaces, utility areas, or closets.

Smart, Energy-Efficient Solution

Help save money with a dehumidifier that avoids overcooling your home in the summer and continues to provide you comfort in the fall and spring even when outside temperatures don’t allow an A/C to run.