Furnace Maintenance is Very Important


You should have your furnace serviced and inspected professionally at least once a year. At AA-Air Company we recommend this being done at the beginning of the season. But between inspections you can go through regular furnace maintenance to make sure your furnace runs as efficiently as possible and provide your family with the best heat it can. Of course do not attempt any maintenance if you have not been guided through the process or trained by a certified and trained HVAC technician.

Change the Filters

The first thing you should do for your gas furnace, or any of your HVAC systems, is to change the air filter. This should be done at least once a year, but as many as 3 or 4 times depending on the manufacturers specifications. The air filter traps dust and debris from entering the furnace. As it fills up the debris begins to restrict air flow, and anything that restricts airflow decreases the efficiency of your system.

Inspect the Burner Flames

Activate the burners by turning up your thermostat and inspect the flames. They should be even and blue. Don’t try to adjust the burners yourself, if the flames are not blue or not even call us or REQUEST SERVICE ONLINE and get one of our professional technicians to repair it.

The Pilot Light and Ignitors

If you have an older furnace you will have a pilot light but most new model furnaces will have a hot surface ignitor. The goal here is to remove dust and debris. Carefully blow dust away from the pilot light, you can use a straw to get a centralized airflow. The same goes for the hot surface ignitors. These ignitors are very fragile so don’t remove them, simply blow away any debris or dust that has collected. If you have any questions or think you may be in danger of damaging any part of your furnace, please Call Us at (865) 689-5290 and we will have a professional technician come service your system.

Technical Maintenance

We recommend a seasonal inspection by one of our technicians. One of our certified professionals will be able to inspect and repair anything else that may be needed to keep your unit running efficiently. We also recommend having your ducts cleaned once a season. You should also have your insulation checked and all leaks repaired.

You should have your furnace inspected before every season. Contact us today for furnace inspection and maintenance or request service online.

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