Dirt from the Crawl Space

AA-AIR Company Duct Repair

The AA-AIR Company installation team is sharing pictures from their adventures under homes in the Knoxville area. These pictures show energy and comfort robbing problems they find with the duct systems being attached to new, efficient HVAC units. It is stunning sometimes, the problems that are hidden in the crawlspace or attic.

Our estimating team works very hard to identify these duct issues when discussing a new system with our clients so the new HVAC unit can work as efficiently as possible. Curing these bad duct work issues ensures that all of the comfort our clients pay for on their utility bill gets delivered inside the home. The AA-AIR Company installation technicians really deliver on these improvements. So much so that they would like to show some before and after pictures. These photos are from a single, recent installation.

The main trunk duct was completely apart under the insulation leaking a large amount of air. Main trunk duct reconnected, sealed and insulation repaired.

Poorly supported flexible duct with kink. Decreases air flow and causes comfort issues.
AFTER: Trunk duct after air sealing at main trunk take off, insulation repair and adding proper support.

Flex duct with no strap, laying on dirt floor of crawlspace.
AFTER: Flex duct with proper support and strap with no ground contact.

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